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Lost in the chaos of too many messages?

Gruntly Filters the Noise, Delivering Only
Telegram Updates

Find Out How

Gruntly, your personal intelligent assistant, curates daily digests from your chosen Telegram channels and groups.

It keeps you updated on diverse interests like job openings, rare sneaker drops, or invites to hiking in Sicily mountains, ensuring effortless, relevant-only information flow.

How It Works


Specify Your Interests

Inform Gruntly about your current focus areas and interests on Telegram

I'm passionate about hiking and kayaking. I'm always looking for updates on trail conditions and community events related to outdoor adventures. Keeping an eye on gear sales and travel deals is also something I value.

Share Your Sources

Provide Gruntly with channel names, group invites, or simply forward a Telegram message

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Enjoy Your Personal Digest

That's it! Relax and receive your tailored daily digest, featuring only the messages relevant to you

🌟 Good Day! Here's Your Digest from Gruntly 🌟 Hi there! Gruntly here, reporting in with the day's relevant snippets curated just for you. Dive in!

Hear from Our Users

With multiple startups under my wing, staying updated became a chore. Gruntly curates all the news I care about, making sure I don't miss anything critical. It's like having a personal assistant for all my channels!
In the finance world, missing a key update can be costly. Gruntly ensures I'm always in the loop without being overwhelmed. I've spotted several opportunities just from the digests it sends!
I create content across niches, and Gruntly helps me stay updated on all of them. It filters out the noise, letting me focus on what truly matters for my audience. My research time has been cut in half!
As a gaming enthusiast, I love being updated but hated the clutter. With Gruntly, I get updates about the games and communities I care about. It's like a newsfeed tailored just for me.
Running a company requires informed decisions. With Gruntly, I get the relevant news from my industry without wading through endless messages. It's streamlined, efficient, and an absolute game-changer for executives.
Juggling multiple clients means I need to stay on top of various industries. Gruntly does the heavy lifting, giving me curated updates so I can serve my clients better. It's my secret weapon to staying informed!



For any other questions or immediate support, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.
We're here to assist you!